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Flower Design Drawing – The idea of putting a bright-colored pain or eye-catching design on a wall is rather intimidating for most people. Some feel like it can make them feel more claustrophobic. However, with the right and humble design for an accent wall, you’d be able to experiment with color, pattern, and texture without having to change the whole appearance of the room. These flower design drawing ideas below will help you to create

“a touch of style, intrigue, and dimension.”

  1. Blushing watercolor floral

For an elegant but sweet feminine-looking room, a large-scale floral drawing in watercolor tones can make a beautiful statement. Combine with white furniture and paneling, a well as soft blush accent to create airy, bright, and balanced space. A touch of gold-colored material can add a sense of luxury.

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Beautiful Flower Design Drawing roses
Flower Design Drawing roses – Source : www.needpix.com
porcelain flower drawing ideas
porcelain flower drawing ideas – Source : www.needpix.com
beutiful flowers design drawing
flowers design drawing – Source : www.pixabay.com
Beautiful Flower drawing ideas
Beautiful Flower drawing ideas – Source : www.pexels.com
  1. Chic wildflower design

This idea of flower design drawing is inspired by a lush field of wildflower. It will remind you of the bright and natural world outside – which really fits if you have boho chic aesthetic taste. The mural can be hand-painted, and with a little bit of time, patience, and talent, you’d have a stunning one-of-a-kind accent wall soon.

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beautiful flower design drawing ideas
beautiful flower design drawing ideas – Source : www.pexels.com
  1. Dark bold blossom

Like a blossoming flower in the middle of a dark night, this moody and stylish design will give you a unique interior appearance. While it looks bold, it still maintains some feminine feels with the striking tone, classic motif, and a splash of edginess. Put a contrast by incorporating pastel pink, turquoise, and mauve.

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These flower design drawing ideas are just one of the many ways to incorporate accent wall into modern interior design. There are plenty of benefits you’ll by choosing to create an accent wall as a part of house’s decoration, such as making a phenomenal and show-stopping focal point of any room.

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