Modern Outdoor Fountain
Modern Outdoor Fountain

Best 30 Modern Outdoor Fountains Ideas to Create Relaxing Yard Scene

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Summer is the season to do some improvements for your outdoor space. Sometimes, it can be surprising to know that such a large-scale impact is possible through doing some small-scale installations. On this context, nothing can beat a water feature to leave a bigger remarkable impact for anyone who’s coming to your house. Below, there are three modern outdoor fountains ideas, ranging from the simple, affordable, to the extravagant ones. They can completely transform the design and atmosphere of your whole space outside.

  1. Geyser-like fountains

This type of fountain is perfect if you worry about kids, pets, or anyone falling into the pond while looking at the fountain. The base of this fountain is made from rocks and pebbles to eliminate the threat of water pool. Install a tank and tub that can hold several gallons of water underneath the layer of stones, so it seems like the water streams and vanishes into the rocky ground.

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Geyser-like fountains modern outdoor fountains
Geyser-like fountains – Source : Photo by form PxHere
beautiful modern outdoor fountains ideas
beautiful modern outdoor fountains ideas -Source : Photo by form PxHere
amazing modern water fountain designs
modern water fountain designs – Source : Photo by form PxHere
modern round fountain for kids
modern round fountain – Source : Photo by form PxHere
beautiful modern fountain ideas with statue
modern fountain ideas with statue – Source : Photo by form PxHere
  1. Falling water pipes

Here is one of the modern outdoor fountains that can be used as statement piece as well. all you need are plastic storage tub, copper or metal plumbing fixtures, and a decking wood. The water circulates from the tub to pipes, which are hidden by the wall. It provides an appealing backdrop and create curtain of falling water drops.

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  1. Leveled fountains

This idea is a proof that cost-friendly backyard fountain that looks stylish is not entirely impossible. The design is created smartly, by stacking three planters vertically, and then you can install a circulating pump inside them. Put paving stone around the lower area to support the fountain and hide the surrounding landscape by putting a layer of rocks.

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Modern outdoor fountains are the features that have some beneficial addition aside of bringing relaxing touch to the surrounding garden of yours. It will be a pleasing sight to see and invite anyone, even the chirping birds to visit your yard to see the water trickling peacefully.

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