99 Dream House Design Ideas for Your Amazing House

small wooden house tiny house architecture

Dream house Design  are often described as “magical” places where people live in harmony with nature. These beautiful homes are designed to inspire us and give us hope that we too can create our own magical place. The House That Jack Built In the early 1900’s, architect Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design a … Read more

Small House Ideas & Design for the Money-Saving Homeowner

small house ideas

House Design – Living in a tiny house is an exciting experience for many people. It’s also challenging, especially when you consider all the things that must fit into a space so small. This article will give you some great tips on how to live in a tiny home.   Why Tiny Houses Are So … Read more

Set-up Minimalist House For The Urban Area & Images

Minimalist Modern House Plans

Minimalist House – Living in an urban area requires you to figure out the right way to keep your sanity. With the crowded situation and traffic jam everywhere, it can be suffocating. As solution, make your house as a sanctuary that will relax your body and mind after a tiring day. An urban house should … Read more

Make Ur Own Container House – Minimalist & Elegant Container Design

Container House Design Inspiration

Have you ever thought to enhance your life? How about “Container House” Recently, life isn’t merely about having an outsized house and good food a day. People start to possess a replacement definition of quality life, pertaining to a life where you’ll express your potential to its most. It affects the trend of the room, though. Container home is considered an ingenious idea to offer a replacement definition of residence. Some people think that building … Read more

20×30 House Plans for Minimalist Dwellers with Enough Space

Beautiful 20x30 House Plans ideas

20×30 House Plans – A 600 square feet house size might or might not be considered as tiny. It is not small per se, but it supports the growing trend of minimalism – all the living with simple purposes and using less energy while saving the bill at the same time. The 20×30 house plans … Read more

20×20 House Plans Ideas for a Small Packaged Space


20×20 House Plans – Having a 400 square feet space means there is no other choice than building a smaller sized home. It actually has some advantages to it, one of them being making your life easier by having less space to worry about. There is no need to deal with cleaning and decluttering as … Read more

30×40 House Plans Ideas You Can Apply for Cozy House Building

30x40 House Plans

30×40 House Plans – floor plan is important part before building a new property. Architects will arrange each room in the right position. If you have enough land, making 30×40 house plans seems to be the right idea. The plan has some versions that will be explored in the following section.   1. Two bedrooms … Read more