44 Minimalist & Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Simple backyard landscaping ideas are easy to follow and can result in a beautiful garden. Using large plants and flowers is a great way to decorate your yard and make it feel more inviting.   These types of plants don’t require a lot of care and will thrive year after year with a little trimming. … Read more

44 Gorgeous Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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There are many different ways to decorate a small backyard. Some of these ideas are more effective than others. The first thing to do is figure out what you want to grow in your space. It might be difficult to fit in a pool or pergola, but you can still incorporate these fixtures. Here are … Read more

Top 53 Best Flagstone Patio Pictures | Patio & Backyard Ideas

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Flagstone Patio Pictures – Amongst various materials to use for the patio area, flagstone is one of the best available out there. It has a narrow-packed in between the spaces to let water permeates instead of flowing through it.   If you look for flagstone patio pictures online, you can see that it has organic … Read more

Pool Landscaping Ideas – Inspiration for Your Beautiful Backyard

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When you are looking for pool landscaping ideas, you must be very lucky to have a space in the backyard to install swimming pool.   Well, to get the best result, the landscaping is indeed essential, and should be planned way in advanced. You can do that by finding the right idea first. There will … Read more

Backyard Putting Green & Steps How to Build Custom Backyard

Backyard Putting green and custom backyard

Backyard Putting Green – When you have enough space in the backyard, you may need some ideas of custom backyards. Making the backyard interesting and comfortable is so useful. It is not only for you and your family since your neighbors or friends can also have good times in the backyard.   “Backyard Putting Green … Read more

Top 23 Best Rectangular Planters Ideas For a Beautiful Garden

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Rectangular Planters – When you love having some plants or flowers in your house, you can start thinking about rectangular planters. Small garden ideas Instead of preparing a garden, it is more effective, and you will not need to prepare the large space. It is a good way to start a new habit in gardening. … Read more