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Top 23 Best Rectangular Planters Ideas For a Beautiful Garden

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Rectangular Planters – When you love having some plants or flowers in your house,

you can start thinking about rectangular planters.

Small garden ideas

Instead of preparing a garden, it is more effective, and you will not need to prepare the large space.

It is a good way to start a new habit in gardening.

Small garden ideas

Even, you only need to spare small space near the windows or around your kitchen, and it is enough to place the planter.

There are various sizes, and many other interesting things to know about the planters.

Small garden ideas

1. How to use rectangular planters

Some people can see many pictures of the planters in houses.

It can be found on the windowsills.

Small garden ideas

Then, there are also people who have some plants on the bigger planters,

and it is placed around the backyard.


it is very flexible,

and there are many sizes, starting from the tiny one to place on the table to the large planters to place on the floor.

colorful wall planters ideas
wall planters ideas – source :


Wooden Rectangular planters
Rectangular planters – source :


inspirational planters design ideas
planters design ideas – source :


Beautiful bamboo rectangular planters with brown ceramic pot
bamboo rectangular planters with brown ceramic pot – source :

Small garden ideas

2. Material

white floral ceramic vase rectangular planters
white floral ceramic vase – source:

Regarding materials, you have many options.

Normally, people love the wooden rectangular planters.

Small garden ideas

However, it can be quite pricy.

Then, there is clay or polyethylene that comes with cheaper price.

Stone and terracotta planters may also be good, especially for the bigger sizes on outdoor.

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Small garden ideas

3. Plants for rectangular planters

woman watering plant beside window rectangular planters
woman watering plant beside window –

Next, it is about the plants. Basically, you are free to choose any plants.

Flowers, vegetables, vines, and also herbs can be planted.

However, it is better to find the smaller plants when it is in small planters.

Small garden ideas

4. Planting tips  

green-leafed plants
planters tips –

Water, soil, and sunlight are important factors for the planters in the rooms.

Then, choosing suitable plant is also necessary since the planters may not have enough space to hold the roots and taller plants.

Small garden ideas

These are some points you should know regarding the planters.

Surely, this becomes good idea when you have the plans of small garden.

Small garden ideas

The planters will give easy access to do it.

By paying attention to the points above, it will not be too difficult to have your own rectangular planters.

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