Top 49 Best Walstad Method Tank – Aquarium Ideas & Inspiration

Walstad Method Tank With Discus Fish and Plants

Walstad Method Tank – Do you feel stressed these days? Well, it is the perfect time to find something exciting whenever going back home. One way to relax is by having a beautiful aquarium.   By having a great view of swimming fish every day, it can reduce the stress level. In addition, it will … Read more

Top 49 Best Artistic Aquariums – Tanks Design & Inspiration

artistic aquariums

Artistic Aquariums – Many people have pets. Some of them love to keep fish. If you are one of those people who can’t take your eyes off the beautiful fishes, make sure to prepare an aquarium. Well, it will not be enough to be satisfied with a common aquarium design.   Be ready to take … Read more

Hardscape Aquarium Ideas – Love Your Fish

hardscape aquarium

Hardscape Aquarium – It is a relaxing view to see the fish swimming in aquarium, and it can be your mood booster whenever you are feeling exhausted. However, you need to ensure the fish get perfect artificial habitat to live.   That’s why the hardscape materials for aquarium should be put on the first list. … Read more

Aquascaping for Beginners – Things To Prepare & Aquascape Photos

aquascaping for beginners

Aquascaping for beginners – When you are looking for the information of aquascaping for beginners, you are probably starting to get interested in this beautiful aquarium art. Yes, aquascaping is like building live scenery inside a tank. You can fill it with plants and fish that you like the best. Here are some basic things … Read more

How to Clean Aquarium Plants Easily at Home

How to clean aquarium plants

A lot of aquarium owners are asking how to clean aquarium plants. Having an aquarium with plants living inside is common these days, and you need to clean up the aquarium, including the plants, quite regularly. It will prevent algae and dirt from building up and eventually ruin the clarity of the water. Here are … Read more

10 Gallon Aquascape – Best Freshwater & Saltwater Planted Tank Style


When you plan to create 10 gallon aquascape, you have to realize it is quite a big size for the tank, and the aquascape inside of it will need a lot of planning. The plan, of course, should start from choosing the best style for aquascape. Here are some of the best styles for your … Read more

Nature Aquarium – The Main Characteristics of Beautiful Aquarium

Nature Aquarium

A nature aquarium is something everyone wants to own these days. This is the type of aquarium styling where the tank is designed as natural as possible, resembling real-life scenery of the nature. For you who love aquarium or aquascape, this style is very trendy these days and worth trying for sure. The characteristics of … Read more