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Walstad Method Tank – Do you feel stressed these days?

Well, it is the perfect time to find something exciting whenever going back home.

One way to relax is by having a beautiful aquarium.


By having a great view of swimming fish every day, it can reduce the stress level.

In addition, it will enhance your house’s appearance.


There are some styles of creating an aquascape layout, and one of them is the Walstad method.

Well, here are the guides in implementing the Walstad method tank.


  1. Walstad Method Tank – Deciding the Size

It is your freedom to choose a bigger or smaller size of the tank.

The recommended size is 2 to 10 gallons for a beginner.


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  1. Placing the Substrate

Of course, you need to put the right item on the bottom part. Insert the substrate under the gravel,

and make sure the substrate and gravel layers are not too deep.


  1. Walstad Method Tank – Inserting the Plants

One of the important aspects of implementing the Walstad method tank is inserting quick-growing plants.

The plants play an essential role to cycle everything in the tank.

There are some criteria in choosing the plants, such as the stem, quick-growing, and floating plants.


  1. Filling the Water

The way to fill the water inside the tank is important, so you will not displace the substrate and gravel.

Make sure not to pour the water too quickly.


It’s suggested to use a cup and hold it upside down.

By holding the cup upside down, it will separate the water flow when you are pouring it.


  1. Walstad Method Tank – Having the Fish

It is okay to have the fish directly after finishing the tank.

If you are not sure enough whether it’s already safe for the fish, test the chemical level of the water first.


It may take some time to find, and read any Walstad method tank references.

Yet, many people have proven that the method is cheaper and easier to apply.


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