20×20 House Plans Ideas for a Small Packaged Space

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20×20 House Plans – Having a 400 square feet space means there is no other choice than building a smaller sized home. It actually has some advantages to it, one of them being making your life easier by having less space to worry about.

There is no need to deal with cleaning and decluttering as much as it’s required for large houses. Check out a few of 20×20 house plans in the following, which might help you to maximize space and investing more on minimalist lifestyle and for exterior design, use front yard tree landscaping.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, and 1 Floor

Tiny homes are perfect for the coming generation. The size also works for outdoorsman or a vacation home. With this size and arrangement, you’d have all the essentials space such as open small kitchenette that connects to the living room, a master bedroom, and one full bath space.

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cabin plans house plans design
cabin plans house plans design – Source : www.jhmrad.com

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 2 Floors

Some of 20×20 house plans are designed smartly so it can include second floors, porches, or garages, even with the space limitation.

Majority of them are also built with hidden storage to keep the owner’s belonging out of the way and sight. This time, the plan is including two bedroom and two stories building, with a full bathroom and kitchen.

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Simple 20x20 House Plans
20×20 House Plans – Source : zoeoutdoors.com via pinterest
minimalist tiny house plans 20x20
tiny house plans 20×20 – Source : tranquilcottages.com via pinterest

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1 Floor

Being small doesn’t mean that a home cannot be compact by packing all the needed space. For a 400 feet square space, there is a chance to incorporate two bedrooms and one bathroom even in a single floor.

It is an ideal plan to use on empty nesters or vacation home, to build a cozy and small area enough for your family and friends.

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Several 20×20 house plans above can be used if you’re looking to build a tiny house that offers both visual and functionality aspects.

A small house package can be beautiful and low maintenance, which are big benefits for everyone.

2 bedroom house design
2 bedroom house design – Source : naibann.com via pinterest
2 bedroom house plans ideas
2 bedroom house plans ideas – Source : tinyspaces.net via pinterest
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