30x40 House Plans
30x40 House Plans

30×40 House Plans Ideas You Can Apply for Cozy House Building

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30×40 House Plans – floor plan is important part before building a new property. Architects will arrange each room in the right position. If you have enough land, making 30×40 house plans seems to be the right idea. The plan has some versions that will be explored in the following section.


1. Two bedrooms

The house with two bedrooms is the basic model in modern era. You can turn the 30×40 land into a proper house. The bedroom is located at the back where the rest of room will be at the front side. You might not have much for garage, but you can take some spaces from living room. This plan can be modified with additional basement or ground floor.


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30x40 house plans First story floor plan with two bedroom
30×40 house plans First story floor plan with two bedroom – Sourcewww.Wikipedia.com


2. Three bedrooms

Moreover, the next idea for 30×40 house plans is three bedrooms. It seems too much for such space. You need a help from experienced architect. Turning that space into three bedrooms is not easy task. However, there is possibility to sacrifice the outer area to accommodate all bedrooms. Of course, your living room and other space will be less spacious. As long as the room is practical, you do not have to worry too much. This kind of house is mostly applied in the urban area.


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3 bedroom home plans ideas
3 bedroom home plans ideas – Source : www.wikipedia.com


3. Single or two-story house

When designing a house, you should consider between single and two-story building. If you choose a single floor, he rooms must be arranged neatly and properly. On contrary, two-story will give more space.


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Moreover, you need ground floor or basement for additional space. It can turn as a private area or functional room. Make sure you choose the right builders. The strong basement is the key to ensure your building will last longer. Moreover, you can make your own 30×40 house plans for the ground floor.

contemporary two story house design
two story house design – Source : www.Flickr.com
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