how to polish a car
how to polish a car

How to Polish a Car and Treat It Like a Pro | DIY Automotive

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How to Polish a Car – Having a like-new car everytime, even after years after purchasing isn’t impossible.

With proper care, your car can impress anyone who pass through it.

One of the trick is by washing it routinely and applying polish to make it look amazing.


However, sometimes you are burdened knowing that giving your car the desired look doesn’t cost you cheap.

While others may bring it to a car saloon, you can do it yourself at home.

This article below will show you the trick on how to polish a car easy at home.


How to polish a car
How to polish a car – image source:


“How to Polish a Car Easily Like a Pro”


  1. Clean your car

Before polishing your car, you need to clean your car beforehand.

Start by washing your vehicle thoroughly in a shady area.

This is important because direct sunlight can dry the soap you use.


The lather will make the end finish dull – this is not a good one to impress people, right?

In addition, you don’t have to dry your car after washing it.


how to polish car with first step of cleaning
how to polish car with first step of cleaning – image source:


  1. Things unwanted, get it off or simply cover it

Keep things unrelated to the polishing process out from the site.

Since polishing with a wheel can get messy, it’s important to keep irrelevant things out, including your pets or children.


If you are unable to move heavy things surrounding your car, you can simply cover it with something.


simple car polishing
simple car polishing – free to share image


  1. Start polishing

Now, using a clean and damp pad attached on the wheel, spread medium amount of polish on one body panel.

Keep the speed at medium.

Make sure to give consistent pressure and angle of application.


To avoid swirl marks, ensure that the swirling pad is used parallel to the panel.

Apply back and forth on one panel until it is visible to you that the panel becomes brightened.


Once you’re there, stop. Move onto the next panel and repeat the same method.

As a tip, keep the polished area wet, and don’t use too much polish for each panel.


polishing a car
polishing a car – free to share image
  1. Rewash and rinse your car from the polish compound

Wash your car once again by hand once you finished applying the polish.

Dry thoroughly after the wash.


rewash your car
rewash your car – free to share image


  1. Apply wax coating

Coat your just-washed car with wax coating.

This can help to conceal uncovered imperfections on the car’s surface.

Combine 60:40 of wax coating paste and fine finishing polish on the pad (make sure you wash the pad clean beforehand).


At medium speed, spread the combo onto the vehicle back and forth, while keeping the pressure constant.

The end-result will be a bit hazy of wax, but that’s totally OK.


simply add wax coating and cleaning the car
simply add wax coating and cleaning the car – free image to share
  1. Finishing on How to Polish a Car

While waiting for the wax to dry, you can clean other parts of your car that doesn’t need polish and coating, like interior and windows.

Then, get a microfiber towel and start removing the wax.

Make sure to only use this kind of cloth – bath towels may scratch your just-polished car.


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finish for cleaning the car
finish for cleaning the car – free to share image


If there’s any visible chips, smear touch-up paint as needed. Bring your car to be under sunlight for final check.

Those are six steps on how to polish a car. It’s quite simple, right?


Not only you’ll get a brand new experience, you can get this sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, you can save a lot of bucks: what about getting some cans of soda or beer to compensate your hard work?


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