How Much Oil Does My Car Need
How Much Oil Does My Car Need

How Much Oil Does My Car Need? Too Little and Too Much aren’t the Choices!

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How much oil does my car need? This question may pop up often when you are thinking about changing your car’s oil. Oil is a crucial component of a car, often known as something that protects your machine from overfriction between parts.

It can be said, oil is like the protection of a vehicle; serving as a lubricating component as well as reducing the heat coming from such friction.


How Much Oil Does My Car Need: Things You Should Know Your Car’s Oil


Changing your car’s oil should be done routinely. This is due to the oil’s tendency to lose its viscosity over time, which will result in lowered effectiveness as a lubricating agent for the machine parts.


Aside from that, changing your car’s oil equals to an effort to cleanse the machine from dirts. Not to forget, it helps your machine to avoid machine’s tear and wear.


How Much Oil Does My Car Need
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How often should your car’s oil be changed? Well, the answer varies as one’s car has different needs from the other. Some sources mentioned that it is related to the car’s mileage, some others said that it depends to the use, age of the car, and types of oil.


It is considered as normal to change the oil per 3,000 miles. Some others may say that it’ll be too often hence making it becomes so spendthrift, so they will change the oil per 5,000-7,500 miles.


However, as technology continues to develop, now you can get a car that requires full-synthetic oil. What’s special from this type of oil is that it can go as far as 15,000 miles without changing it for once.


What indicates that it’s time to change the oil? There are several symptoms, which will be mentioned as follows:

  1. When the oil light goes on, this is the main sign of your oil level is undeniably low.
  2. If your vehicle is equipped with an oil pressure gauge, it simply has low reading.
  3. Your machine starts to run roughly.

If these three signs comes to play, it’s time to check your car and add its oil. You can get your car to the mechanic, or adding the oil yourself if you know how to do it.


Oil Does My Car Need
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Then how much oil is needed to fill up the tank? Most car engines require around 5-8 quarts of oil which is really dependent to the engine size. The smaller, the less.


  • A 4-cylinder engine car usually uses around 5 quarts of oil;
  • A 6-cylinder engine car requires roughly 6 quarts of oil;
  • An 8-cylinder engine car has more flexibility as it uses anywhere around 5-8 quarts, depending to the engine’s size.


What may happen if your oil level is too low? Then your oil cannot help much in order to protect your machine from over friction. It also cannot play its role to keep the engine cool.


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There are many vehicles with their capability to run even on a very low oil level. However, as oil is imperative to reach upper-end components during startup, too low oil may delay the car’s startup. In the long run, it’s your machine that gets affected a lot.


Bringing too much oil isn’t that good either. So, it is important to get the answer for ‘how much oil does my car need’ before filling it up yourself. The safest trick is to get a mechanic to do it – though it may cost you a bit of fortune.

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