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12×12 Area Rug and Considerations before Buying It

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12×12 Area Rug – Choosing area rugs is necessary when you are going to decorate your house.

beautiful rug design

There are actually many options of area rugs,

but it is random choice to make.

The rug can determine the decoration of your room.

beautiful rug design

Moreover, it will also influence the comfort.

That is why you need to properly choose the area rugs.

beautiful rug design

In this case, a 12×12 area rug is good size to choose, when the room is quite big.

beautiful rug design

However, there are still other points to consider.

beautiful rug design

  1. Material

12×12 Area Rug – When you already get the size, it is good point.

At least, you can have fewer burdens to handle.


The next thing to consider is the material. 

You are able to find various materials of rugs.

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beautiful rug design

Some of them have the comfortable and fluffy texture,

while the other give the solid feels. It depends on your choice.

Beautiful 12x12 area rug
scandinavian decoration rug – Source :

beautiful rug design

  1. Pattern

Some area rugs have simple patterns. Even, they only have simple colors in pale tone.

However, when you want to have something better, you may choose certain pattern applied on the 12×12 area rug.

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beautiful rug design

These are great when you want to have something interesting on the floor.

Of course,it is good when this type of rug is not covered by many kinds of furniture on top of it.
beautiful persian rug pattern
persian rug pattern – Source by Susan Kopta :

beautiful rug design


  1. Shapes 12×12 area rug

Normally, people find square or rectangular shapes of rugs.

However, you may also choose the round shapes rug.

It is good choice especially when you have round table or sofas with such a bend following the circular shape.

This makes the room arrangement better.

beautiful living room rug ideasideas
beautiful living room rug ideas – Source By Emily May :

beautiful rug design

These are some considerations when you plant to ground your room with the area rugs.

As its name, it is large rug, so you should pay more consideration regarding its placement and other details.

beautiful rug design

The core point is that it is to decorate and make the room more comfortable, so it is good to consider the rug well.

The points above may give some clues regarding the options of a 12×12 area rug.

Beautiful pattern carpet rug floor
carpet rug floor – Source :
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