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Rustic Outdoor Planter Most Popular Design & Shapes

Rustic Outdoor Planter – It is totally fun to possess an excellent yard , especially with some flowers and greenery. you’ll plant or place the greenery within the planters. If you think that a planter can only be created by a carpenter, it’s a wrong thought. you’ll really create your own even without having the talents of a carpenter. this text will give the steps of making an easy rustic outdoor planter. the good thing is you don’t need to get a log; just old pieces of wood will do. Don’t forget to organize a hand saw, nails, a hammer, a measuring tape, or a ruler.


1. Imagine or Draw the Plans for Rustic Outdoor Planter

It is suggested to draw the plans to make sure the proper shape and sizes of the planter. However, it’s okay if you simply want to imagine the plans. consider the precise location you’ll place it, then measure the sizes of that space.

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2. Measure Each Size – Rustic Outdoor Planter

Now, it’s your address measure the sizes of the bottom part and 4 sides of the planter. it’s better to live the bottom first and therefore the sides afterward. The thickness of your base depends on the piece of wood you’ve got got. For the edges confirm you adjust the measurements to the base’s length and width.


3. Hammer the edges

Next, you would like to place the edges together to make a box. Hammer all sides on each end by using some nails. Don’t forget to see if it’s been strong enough.

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4. Attach the bottom – Rustic Outdoor Planter

To finish your rustic outdoor planter, attach the bottom to the box. Flip the box the wrong way up and hammer all sides to the bottom you want to confirm the nails are straightly getting into and therefore the planter has been strong enough.


5. Place the Plants or Pots Inside

Lastly, you would like the final touch , which is placing the plants or pots inside the planter. Put your planter on the space you’ve got prepared.

The beauty of making a country outdoor planter is it doesn’t got to be smooth and straight. On the opposite hand, it shows the originality and aesthetics of the planter.


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