Beautiful 20x30 House Plans ideas

20×30 House Plans for Minimalist Dwellers with Enough Space

20×30 House Plans – A 600 square feet house size might or might not be considered as tiny. It is not small per se, but it supports the growing trend of minimalism – all the living with simple purposes and using less energy while saving the bill at the same time. The 20×30 house plans provided below will fit perfectly for millennial homeowners who are looking for a decent sized space to live without extra clutters in the setting.

  1. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, and 1 Floor

A 600 living-square-foot space is very ideal to use as a designed escape house, such as getaway cabin in the middle of woods, near the lake, or by the beach. The bedroom will be spacious enough for a couple of people, and it has enough space to build a full bathroom.

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Minimalist 20x30 House Plans
20×30 House Plans – Source :
beautiful house plans design
1 bedroom 1 bathroom ideas – Source : via pinterest
  1. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 Floors, And 1 Garage Bay

This unique and beautiful little design comes with a detached garage. The second floor can be used as big studio or a small office. With adequate and not-so-big space size, it will make a great quarter for guests, a hobby room, or a teenager’s suite.

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minimalist house plans ideas
minimalist house plans ideas – Source :
  1. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, and 1 Floor

This is one of the 20×30 house plans with single floor but enough to occupy a couple of bedrooms. The number of bedrooms allows more people to live in the same space without being hassled. The contemporary and simple style will win over any of small-home lover. There is no wasted space as each square foot is maximized and utilized.

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Blueprints for 20×30 house plans are highly suitable to be used by future homeowners that ready to embrace minimalist lifestyle. You can opt for these instead if you want low-maintenance space with just enough of personal belongings, as use it to focus on your hobby and passions.

2 bedroom house plans design
2 bedroom house plans ideas – Source : via pinterest

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